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Covid 19 Update

We have temporary hours
For donations we are open from mon - sat 10:30 to 2:30 closed on Sunday’s and holidays
For adoptions/fosters
Please visit our website , private message us on Facebook or contact us directly at 209-466-0331
For surrenders: please email : with pictures of your fur baby/ies , description as on name, breed, age along with your contact info do a shelter specialist may contact you for an assessment appointment

We Take  Our Homeless Animals Seriously

We strive to continue our mission to help the homeless animals and reduce the overpopulation epidemic in San Joaquin County through pet adoptions and public awareness information to spay and neuter. We are a non-profit organization that receives no city, county or federal monetary support.  We are not affiliated with City Animal Control or any other organizations and including thrift shops at this time.  All donations go directly to provide medical care, housing & food to approximately 200 animals at our No-Kill shelter. All pets receive current vaccinations and are spayed/neutered & micro chipped before adopting out. Since we are a non-profit organization that solely relies on donations,  it is public support such as yours that makes the difference.

Frequently Asked Questions

A:  Delta Humane Society has been supported by small private donations and personal funds. We began the process of writing grants this year for additional operational support and educational programs..

A:  Yes, we are a registered member of Pet Smart Charities and participate in their adoption program.

A:  Our volunteers are vital to our operation. It is, through you help, that we can rescue, rehabilitate, and adopt homeless and unwanted animals. The orientation is designed to prepare volunteers for proper handling, hygiene, and safety precautions, when in our shelter or at offsite events. In order to protect our organization our rescued animals, we ask that you sign a volunteer waiver and hold harmless agreement. Although every attempt will be made to ensure your safety, animals (particularly rescued animals) are by nature unpredictable in behavior. For this reason, safety is everyone’s responsibility, and we count on our volunteers to perform their work responsibly and by adhering to the shelter guidelines and polices.

A:  A no-kill shelter is an animal shelter where animals are only euthanized if they are too sick to be treated or too aggressive to be suitable for adoption. No-kill shelters reject euthanasia as a means of population control.

A:  This is simple math. If one pair of breeding dogs, with all their offspring can produce 67,000 puppies in only seven years. And if one pair of breeding cats as young as four months old, with all their offspring will generate 420,000 kittens in just six years, and it is estimated that between 6 to 8 million American pets are euthanized each year due to over population, it is clear that preventing unwanted births, will stop the number of deaths.

A:  The majority of our animals are strays, owner surrenders, or rescues from other shelters.  We are the voice for those who have none.

A:  The intake of animals is determined by size, weight, and mainly space availability within the shelter. We are presented with dozens of situations of animal needing rescue on a daily basis but final decision on which animals will be taken in is determined by the Shelter Director.

A:  Yes, we encourage it. Although we may not be able to take in every animal that needs rescue, we can provide assistance by sharing the case with other rescue groups and by posting through social media sites to find helps.

A:  As cases are presented to our shelter daily, each is evaluated, and a determination is made as to how or if we can assist.  Space availability and medical needs are reviewed.  We charge an intake fee of $60.

A:  We first require the adopter to complete the adoption paperwork which includes the adoption application and contract. Once paperwork is completed, we check for valid identification and charge the adoption fee. We encourage potential adopters to bring their animals from home so we can observe how the animals get along.

A:  In an ongoing effort to bring pets and families together, we have recently adjusted our adoption fees:


Puppies: $300 

Adult Dogs: $175

Senior or Sponsored: $75  


Kittens: $300

Adult Cats: $125

Senior or Sponsored: $75

*Puppies/kittens are under 1 year of age. Adults are from 1 – 6 years of age. Seniors are 7+ years of age. We do, on occasion waive these fees on a case by case basis.

  • Adoption Events; these events are usually held at local pet retail stores such as Pet Smart, Pets Supplies Plus, and Carter’s Pets Mart.
  • Educational Events; in our efforts to educate the public, we will participate in elementary school functions and presentations.
  • Shelter Spring Cleaning; once or twice a year, the shelter needs to undergo major clean up and maintenance.
  • Fundraisers; these events consist of yard sales, blanket drives, food drives, etc

A:  For the safety of our volunteers, our shelter pets, and the public, we require every volunteer to attend our Volunteer Orientation program, prior to volunteering at the shelter or any shelter sponsored events.

A:  Although, we don’t currently have a formal foster program in place, we do, from time to time, allow our volunteers or another rescue organization with available space to foster a favorite shelter pet, which we encourage.

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